Do-It-Yourself Wedding Decor

Do-It-Yourself Weddings: Decor

Many couples are more than happy to spend some of their time doing Do-It-Yourself or DIY projects for their weddings, and the trend has only been increasing in the past couple of years. Everyone, even those who do not consider themselves ‘crafty’, can make something if they want to. With hundreds of craft supplies available from local stores and online, it is easier than ever for couples to work on projects together.

DIY decor has seen an upswing in popularity as couples have found it easier to make their decor the way they want instead of scouring wedding shops and online to try and find something that suits their tastes. With different themes being represented in wedding receptions as well, couples have had to get creative. If you are looking to add your own personal flair to your wedding decor, here are some tips and suggestions.

Will You Enjoy the DIY Aspect?

This is one of the most important questions one should ask themselves before going all out and buying supplies for DIY wedding decor. If you aren’t going to enjoy crafting things for your wedding, don’t do it. It will feel like a chore and your heart will not be in it; not something you want to feel amid the stress of planning the rest of the wedding.

Consider Your Cost

Before starting a DIY project, first look at the cost of your decor if you were to purchase or rent it from an existing supplier, and then compare that to the tentative cost of DIYing the project. Sometimes DIY can be more expensive than buying traditional decor if you are not careful. Do your research and try to buy in bulk when you can; it will make the cost of supplies much cheaper. There are many online stores that offer discounts for bulk ordering, especially when it comes to items for a DIY wedding. If your pieces require ‘trial runs’ before making the real decor, make sure to include that into the cost as you do not want to make the DIY project both more money and more time.

Time is Everything

If you and your partner are working long hours and do not have lots of time to dedicate towards making decor for your wedding, it is best to either buy from a supplier or from another decor professional. There is nothing worse than stressing yourselves out with a project that you cannot complete. Do not decide to do a DIY project a month before the wedding, either. Projects should be planned out with plenty of time for completion.